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„alter charme, frischer fisch & meer“

„for fish-enthusiasts“

fish specialties in Glückstadt

Lean back and enjoy the culinary adventure of the Nordic cuisine. Fresh and traditional dishes with regional ingredients: Our aspiration is to bring you the fresh breeze of the North Sea and the Elbe River right to the table.

Eingang des Restaurant Zur alten Mühle
We are looking forward to your visit at our restaurant “Zur alten Mühle“.

for your indulgence

tradition and passion

Dieter Lassmann, owner of the restaurant “Zur alten Mühle”, has been working as chef de cuisine at our restaurant for over 30 years. The trained cook knew right from the beginning about the unmistakable allurement of the old mill. Our team is devoted to your taste adventure. We put our guests first and listen to individual ideas and tastes. We want to take you on a journey through the Nordic cuisine. Perfect to end the evening of a nice city trip in Glückstadt.

Located directly at the inland port of Glückstadt, you will be able to discover the feeling of the Nordic cuisine and enjoy pure freshness. Seasonal dishes and specialties of the region are on our menu – always up-to-date.

Small details and the harmony of all our ingredients make the difference that you will only find at our restaurant. Among our dishes, you will of course not only find seafood – we have something for everyone’s taste. This is how we ensure the satisfaction of our guests.

„something for everyone’s taste“

Our Menu

Take a look at our menu and discover the variety of the Nordic cuisine. Fresh ingredients and regional products are key to the perfect harmony of our creations. Our cooks regularly update the menu with seasonal highlights. If you aren’t sure what to pick, don’t worry. Simply ask one of our waiters to recommend something to you or choose a daily special.

  • soups, appetizers, snacks

    Great as starters and for small cravings

    open and close
    • Crab soup with cream topping 6.50 €
    • Green and white asparagus cream soup 6.50 €
    • Baby spinach cream soup 5.90 €
    • Side salad 3.90 €
    • Big salad Served with turkey strips, fruit and bread. 9.55 €
    • Warm feta cheese Coated with black olives, served with salad and bread. 8.90 €
    • Homemade soured meat Pork-rib meat with fried potatoes and remoulade sauce. 10.85 €
    • Farmer’s breakfast Served with pickles. 8.95 €
    • Graved salmon Served with Swiss hash browns and a mustard-dill sauce. 8.80 €
    • Broccoli casserole Gratinated broccoli, potatoes and feta cheese. 9.80 €
    • Curry sausage with fries 7.95 €
  • meat dishes

    Hearty and rich

    open and close
    • „Gourmet“ Small cutlet served on toast with onions and mushrooms. 7.40 €
    • „Devil’s toast“ Small cutlet served on toast with spicy bell-peppers and onions. 7.65 €
    • Pork cutlet “Viennese style” Served with vegetables, tater tots and hollandaise sauce. 11.95 €
    • Schweineschnitzel „Cordon bleu“ Gemüse, Kroketten, Sce. Hollandaise. 13.60 €
    • Rump steak Served with onion and mushroom stir-fry and fried potatoes. 20.40 €
    • Cold roast beef Served with a salad, fried potatoes and remoulade sauce. 15.90 €
    • Roast haunch of lamb Served with a rosemary sauce, beans and tater tots. 16.80 €
  • asparagus dishes

    Enjoy the mild yet delightful taste

    open and close
    • Fresh asparagus Served with boiled potatoes and melted butter. 13,60 €
    • You may want to add:
    • Cottage ham 160 grams 8.90 €
    • Pork cutlet 160 grams 8.20 €
    • Rump steak 180 grams 15.20 €
    • Turkey steak 180 grams 8.80 €
    • Salmon filet 180 grams 9.90 €
  • seafood straight from neptune’s table

    Served fresh for you

    open and close
    • Plaice “Finkenwalder Style” Pan-seared with bacon, served with salad and a choice of fried or boiled potatoes. 16.95 €
    • Plaice filet Roasted with stir-fry, served with potatoes. 18.50 €
    • Herring filets Pan-seared with bacon, served with fried potatoes and salad. 12.80 €
    • Zander filet Served on spinach and with mashed potatoes. 16.50 €
    • Büsum’s crab bay Fresh crabs served with scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. 23.90 €
  • our cake-menu

    Perfect for that sweet tooth

    open and close
    • Varying specials Simply ask for our daily changing cake variations.

„traditional matie herring dishes“

Glückstadt’s Specialty

Matie, also called soused herring, is a specialty of the Nordic cuisine. It is a pickled raw herring that is very mildly salted and easily digestible. The dish is made from immature herrings and traditionally ripened in oak barrels. This tradition came into existence in the Middle Ages. Glückstadt’s matie is known for its mild taste and sold internationally.

  • matie herring specialties

    Traditionally made by Heiko Raumann

    open and close
    • Matie plate Chef de cuisine style, three variations: housewife, burgundy and Lord Nelson style 14.20 €
    • Matie “plain” Three matie filets served with onion rings, beans and bacon gravy. 14.60 €
    • Matie “Housewife style” Three matie filets in a cream sauce with diced onions, apples and pickles. 13.90 €
    • “Mill matie plate” Two matie filets on Swiss hash browns with a salmon rose and onion-dill sauce. 14.90 €
    • Matie “Lord Nelson style” Three matie filets served on sautéed apple slices, cranberries, creamed horseradish and roasted almond chips. 14.50 €
    • Matie “Burgundy style” Pickled in Burgundy wine. 13.90 €
    • Mustard-honey-dill matie Three matie filets in a spicy sauce. 13.90 €
    • Matie “Captain’s style” Three matie filets served with a brandy cocktail sauce and fresh crabs. 14.50 €
    • Matie feast For two persons and up: four different sauces and two styles, served with beans, bacon gravy, herb brandy. 7,90 € per person
    • All matie dishes come with a choice of baked potatoes or fried potatoes with bacon and onions.
Matjes auf Brot
Try one of our many matie herring dishes.

renowned taste

Sealed Quality

Our matie herrings are traditionally produced by Heiko Raumann in Glückstadt. He uses the original recipe of Helmut Sievers who invented the mildly salted version of the traditional dish. Along with the former mayor of Glückstadt, Dr. Manfred Bruhn, Sievers initiated Glückstadt’s matie weeks – an annual public festival in our city. Heiko Raumann has been making matie in small quantities since 1993. This is how he ensures the superb quality of the herring.

„for fish-enthusiasts“

fish specialties in Glückstadt

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